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Greywalker, Kat Richardson (Roc, 2009)

The first book in the series of the same name, Greywalker is a highly enjoyable Urban Fantasy. One part crime fiction, one part horror, Greywalker delivers a highly appealing main character and supporting cast. A great book for those interested in Urban Fantasy, and a very good place to start for those curious about the genre Continue reading

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Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, Susanna Clarke (Bloomsbury Publishing)

This award winning best-seller breaks the mold of modern fantasy. It is a mock history of an alternate Georgian England where magic exists, and indeed re-emerges through the course of the tale. It is a brilliantly told tale that perfectly mimics the stylistic nature of the histories of that period and incorporates a magic system that also matches Georgian concepts of faeries and the supernatural. Continue reading

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Cold Case: Barbara Holloway Legal Thrillers, Kate Wilhelm (

The eleventh outing for Barbara Holloway proves to be far from Kate Wilhelm’s best work, but is still a good enough story if you enjoy the Barbara Holloway series. It is a mystery/crime thriller of the old school, where we follow our intrepid heroine though the twists and turns of two cases, apparently linked but separated by twenty years. It makes for a good enough read, and developes Barbara’s continuing story arc, but is definately not the best of her books to start on. Continue reading

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Skinned, Robin Wasserman (Simon Pulse/Simon & Schuster/Brilliance Audio)

A beautifully told story in which the author catches the thoughts and feelings of an elite teenaged girl who has undergone tragedy. She manages to get the protaganist just right, perfectly balancing a spoiled rich girl attitude with a sympathetic young woman whose had her life torn away from her. Far more than “just a sci-fi story” or a “teenaged angst” tale, this book touches upon issues of social differentiation, bigotry, bullying and rather sophisticated concepts of identity (something I *can* actually speak with authority about). Continue reading

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