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Island in the Sea of Time: Book 1, S.M. Stirling (Roc, 1998){Tantor Media, 2008; Narrator: Todd McLaren)

Is it unfair for a professional archaeologist who specializes in the Later European Prehistory reviews a book about a 20th Century Town thrown back in time to 1250 BC? Yes, but too bad. It’s not the factual errors in Island in the Sea of Time that bother me, but the convenient ignoring of facts and ramifications that undermined the tale. For a full review: see: Continue reading

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Pattern Recognition, William Gibson (Penguin Putnam, 2003). Digital Edition.

Pattern Recognition by William Gibson is a step outside the usual for the father (or at least Godfather) of Cyberpunk. Set in the post-911 world, it includes fewer elements of technology than most Tom Clancy books. Instead, it is a mystery novel that plays upon Gibson’s superb ability to play upon mass-market trends and consumerism. To that end, it has the byzantine feel of his cyberpunk works, but is firmly set in now. An excellent espionage mystery who use of the superficial gives it depth. For an indepth review go to Continue reading

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A Dance with Dragons: Page 419 and no end in sight

This is an atypical post for me, because it is not truly a review of the book. At page 419 — a veritable number of pages that would have seen me to the end of most books, I am now actually only just over 1/3rd of the way through this novel. It would be totally unfair to review a book that is not completed, however, I found myself in desperate need to express an opinion: GET ON WITH IT!!!!

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The Man with the Baltic Stare, James Church (Minotaur Books, 2010)

SPOILER: The Man with the Baltic Stare is James Church’s fourth and probably last installment in the brilliant and innovative Inspector O series. Set in a crumbling North Korea, it is the most mystery like of the series so far and Church’s best effort to date. For a more in depth view go to Continue reading

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