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Legion of the Damned, William C. Dietz (Ace, 1993)

Legion of the Damned by William C. Dietz is effectively the story of the French Foreign Legion in Space with Cyborgs. Put like that, it sounds sort of silly, but in reality, the premise is quite interesting and the tale that Dietz weaves is a good ol’ ripping yarn worthy of a gander by anyone who doesn’t dislike Military Science Fiction. For a more in depth review go to:
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The Perfect Spy, John LeCarré (Penguin Books, 1986 {Penguin Audio, Narrator: Michael Jayston)

The Perfect Spy by John LeCarré is an extremely well crafted novel that tells the tale of a British Intelligence Officer who mysteriously goes AWOL after his father’s death. Told part in part as a third person narrative and part as a first person “memoire,” it starts slow but eventually hooks the reader into its brilliant writing. Having said that, it is perhaps my least favorite of LeCarré’s Cold War period, and would recommend putting this towards the end of my LeCarré Reading List. For a full review (explaining this commentary, go to Continue reading

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School of Fire: StarFist Book II, David Sherman and Daniel Cragg (Del Rey, 1998)

School of Fire: StarFist Book II is Sherman and Cragg’s second StarFist book, in which, the best and bravest are sent on a Cadre mission to train the police force of a member world. It’s perfectly fine mind candy for MilFic fans, but for others it may not appeal. For more details go to Continue reading

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Foundation, Isaac Asimov (Avon, 1966)

Foundation by Isaac Asimov is one of the great classics of the Science Fiction genre. Set in the far future, it is a collection of interlinked stories that depicts the creation and growth of a new society based on fundamentals of a futuristic social science. It is a must read for all science fiction fans, and is probably interesting for anyone who doesn’t dislike Sci Fi. Continue reading

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