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Blue Remembered Earth: Poseidon’s Children Book 1, Alistair Reynolds (Penguin Group/Gollancz 2012)

Blue Remembered Earth: Poseidon’s Children Book 1 is the newest novel by Alistair Reynolds. It’s exciting, intriguing, imaginative and as with most of Reynolds’ works, scientifically plausible. Though part of a series, it stands alone on it’s own. I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes Science Fiction. Continue reading

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On Basilisk Station, David Weber (Baen Books, 1993)

On Basilisk Station by David Weber, is the novel which introduced the world to Honor Harrington. It is not his best work, nor the best book in the series, but it does introduce one of the most iconic figures in MilFic and the world she lives in. For more, go to Continue reading

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The Art of Intelligence: Lessons from a Life in the CIA’s Clandestine Service, Henry A. Crumpton (Penguin Press, 2012) {Penguin Audio, David Colacci}

The Art of Intelligence is a real life memoire by CIA spy Henry A. Crumpton that tells story of his career and discusses trade craft, and the growing role of America’s intelligence officers. For more information go to:

Continue reading

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Ringworld, Larry Niven (Del Rey, 1970)

Ringworld, by Larry Niven is a classic of the Science Fiction genre, but comes off as a bit dated to the modern reader, particularly in its portrayal of women. It is a fascinating idea set in an interesting world and as such is a must read to any Science Fiction aficionado, but is unlikely to appeal to fans of other genres. Continue reading

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Fatherland, Robert Harris (Arrow Books, 1992)

Fatherland by Robert Harris is a conspiracy thriller set in an alternative history Germany of 1964 where the NAZI’s won the war. It has a great premise but holds an obvious mystery and flawed characters at it head. A must read for anyone who likes Alternative histories, but unlikely to appeal to others. Continue reading

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