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Odyssey, Jack McDevitt (ACE Books/Penguin)

Odyssey, the new novel by Jack McDevitt, is set in the universe previously visited in Chindi and Omega. It combines solid Sci-Fi exploration with present day commentary in way I found intriguing and delightful. A great read for anyone who enjoys Spce Exploration, real or imagined. Continue reading

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A Sample from HMS Hunter

An excerpt from HMS Hunter, an original piece of original fiction by Thomas Evans Continue reading

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Too much work on my hands….

I am terribly sorry to say that I’m just too busy writing to say anything of value this week.  Instead, I hope you enjoy the musical stylings of Jonathan Coultan.   Can’t say I’m overly keen on the World of Warcraft Video, … Continue reading

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Airborn: Matt Cruse Series Book 1, Kenneth Oppel (David Kelly, Narrator)(HarperCollins, 2005/Audible Audio Edition, 2007).

Even in a steampunk world where airships and ornithopters rule the sky, bad acting can still kill an otherwise promising novel!!! Continue reading

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