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An Excerpt from HMS Hunter: Strings on a Shadow Puppet, Thomas L. Evans (©2003)

An excerpt from the latest version of HMS Hunter: Strings on a Shadow Puppet, by Thomas L. Evans (that’s me). Continue reading

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The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, Robert A Heinlien (Tom Doherty Associates, 1966 {Blackstone Audio, Inc., Narrator: Lloyd James, 2002})

The Moon is a Harsh Mistress by Robert A Heinlien is a classic tale of revolution on the moon, that draws heavily from historic events in both the American and Russian revolutions. Filled with classic Heinlienisms, it is a compelling tale of rebellion that focuses more on the political maneuverings than it does on but remains a Ripping Yarn with compelling human interests. Continue reading

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Death Benefit, Robin Cook (Penguin Books, 2011){Penguin Audio, 2011; Narrator: George Guidall}

Death Benefit is the latest medical crime thriller by Robin Cook. It is a well written and an engaging tale, but could have been better (in my view) had it been written as a mystery. Even so, it had some great characters and interesting science. If you like crime or medical thrillers, I would highly recommend this book. Continue reading

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The Problem with Military Science Fiction: Part 1

This week, I am starting an open ended series of blogs is intended to consider why Military Science Fiction has such a bad reputation, and what (if anything) can be done about it. Now, I should start by saying that I like … Continue reading

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