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I love reading.  I read everything, from low brow page turners to high brow esoteric tomes, from tear jerkers to intellectual symbolism and I love all of them.  If I’m honest, however, my favorite reads are those related to what I write: speculative fiction (i.e. science fiction, fantasy, alternative histories, mystical realism, etc.), mysteries and espionage novels

To that end, I decided to create a blog with a purpose: to review the genres I enjoy and write opinion pieces on topics directly related to them.  Beyond that, however, I will endeavor to limit my blathering. Those of you who know me can vouch for how difficult that will be.

If you have a book you think I should review, drop me a line or post a comment; I’ll definitely consider it.  If you send me a copy, it’s even more likely I’ll do so!

Thomas L. Evans (BA, MPhil, MA, DPhil, MIFA)… 

That’s me, in case you’re wondering.

I am a writer, mostly of speculative fiction (sci-fi, horror, fantasy, alternative histories, etc.), a husband, father of one, and for twenty-five years was a reasonably successful archaeologist.   In that time, I dug and swam (yes, I also do underwater archaeology) my way across Europe, the US, and a few bits of Latin America, but specialized in the archaeology of Northwestern Europe.  I am particularly well versed in those Bronze and Iron Age populations referred to as the ‘Celts’ by most everyone in the world except English Archaeologists.  I’ve got an M.Phil. from the University of Cambridge, an M.A. from Cornell University and a D.Phil. (that’s Oxonian for PhD) from the University of Oxford.  I’ve written countless articles, a couple of books and god knows how many technical reports and ‘how to’ manuals. 

By the time I decided to begin writing for a living, I’d become a bit of a specialist in the study of gender and identity, Geomatics (the recording and analysis of spatial and temporal data — and including such things as survey, mapping, laser scanning, GIS, statistics, and bunch of other really cool techie things), landscape studies and transportation networks.  I had a fantastic job as Head of Geomatics for Oxford Archaeology (partially great because no one knew what geomatics really was) and a wonderful team of professional landscape archaeologists and technocrats (which we referred to as the Muppets) working for me.

So, by the time I was 40 I’d more or less accomplished just about everything on my bucket list (including excavating an Iron Age chariot burial in Yorkshire… sic the Ferryfryston Chariot).  I was getting close to the top of my game and looking at high-end University appointments when my MD wife finished her DPhil in Biochemistry and was offered a post-doc position for more money than I was earning in what was likely to be my penultimate post.

 Guess whose career took primacy? 

Well, it wasn’t that simple.  Several years earlier had started writing fiction, and had slowly become addicted.  At first it was for my own enjoyment, then it became more serious.  I knew very well that if I were ever going to do anything with it, I would need to devote myself to it full-time…

 As a result, I thought it was time to follow my other dream… writing. 

Now, I live in Pacific Northwest, am a contributing member of the Wordos and Willamette Writers and write more or less full-time.

I’ve finished one Sci-Fi MilFic Espionage novel, am working on another, and writing the occasional short story.  Anyone interested in these works can visit my website:


 or just send me an email at info@sophyanempire.com

Hope you enjoy the blog!