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A Feast for Crows: The Song of Fire and Ice Volume 4, George R.R. Martin (Bantum Dell, 2005/Random House Audio November 8, 2005).

It is with mixed feelings that I recommend this book. The fourth volume of the ever growing series more frequently known as the Game of Thrones is well written and a surprisingly fast read (considering it comes in at over 1000 pages), but in some ways only serves as a place marker in the middle of the series. Other than adding what seem to be unnecessary complications to an already convoluted plot, I cannot say that I feel that the story has made any significant strides forward at the end of this very long series. Having said that, I did enjoy reading it. Continue reading

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TOTALLY GEEKY TECH TALK: Star Trek — The Working of The Heisenberg Compensator: or just how big a geek am I?

A description of how the Heisenberg Compensator works within Star Trek’s Transporter device. Continue reading

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Paradise Passed, Jerry Oltion (Wheatland Press)

Paradise Passed is an excellent example of Space Exploration Adventure, an apparently dying breed. Written by multiple award winning author, Jerry Oltion, it’s Hard Science Fiction in the classic vein (a.k.a. relies more on science fact than on fanciful technologies and avoids flowery language). It is quick, easy read that drew me in with both the ideas presented and the sympathetic characters. A great addition to most anyone’s library.
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Update on Anna Chapman and the Russian Spies

For really interesting insights to the entire Russian Spy Ring from ex KGB Major General and a CIA Case Officer… Continue reading

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SERIES REVIEW: Dirigent Mercenary Corps, Rick Shelly (Ace Books)

This series follows the career of a young soldier in the far future, from his days as a Cadet to his eventual rise to being a Colonel. In that sense, it is vaguely reminiscent of a science fiction version W. E. B. Griffin’s Brotherhood Of War series. the Dirigent Mercenary Corps (or DMC as I will call it) starts strong with its first volume, Officer Cadet and has a good installment with its second offering Lieutenant, but begins to falter after that. While remaining readable, it starts becoming much of a muchness (as my dear Pater used to say), and lost my interest.

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Anna Chapman, Russian Spies and the Media

Is the media trivializing the work of the FBI in the recent Russian n spy ring case involving Anna Chapman (oh yes and nine other alleged operatives)? Continue reading

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Digital Fortress, Dan Brown (St. Martin’s Paperbacks)

A fourth rate cyber-action thriller set within the confines of the NSA, this tale focuses on a beautiful and talented young woman whose rise in the intelligence community is seen with envy and suspicion by her colleagues. When she discovers an unlikely plot, however, she must unravel the complex series of conspiracies in order to save the day… or rather in order for her boyfriend to save the day. Continue reading

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