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The Orc King, Transitions Book One, R. A. Salvatore (Wizard’s of the Coast, 2008) {Random House Audio, 2009; Narrator: Mark Bramhall}

The Orc King has a very shaky start that undermines the rest of the plot, but remains an enjoyable high fantasy page turner regardless. R. A. Salvatore’s most recent addition to the 20 some odd Drizzt Do’Urden saga, is sub-titled Book One In the Transistions series, but cannot truly be enjoyed without reading at least a few of the preceding Drizzt stories. Still, to fans this is an excellent addition. Sadly, it does suffers from classic High Fantasy novel clichés. Nevertheless, Salvatore excellent character development pulls you through and turns it into a good story. (For full review see http://www.sophyanempire.wordpress.com) Continue reading

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