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Guest Post: In Praise of the Professional Audio Book Narrator

This week, I have the pleasure to have a guest post about Audiobook Narration by the incomparable Jojo Jensen. A professional voice talent with seventeen years of experience in the field, Jojo is also a published authors and skilled editor and so has a unique insight into the skills that make a good audiobook narrator. To better understand how a good narrator can take a mediocre book and make it great, and how a bad one can take a great book and make it awful, go to http://www.sophyanempire.wordpress.com Continue reading

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Airborn: Matt Cruse Series Book 1, Kenneth Oppel (David Kelly, Narrator)(HarperCollins, 2005/Audible Audio Edition, 2007).

Even in a steampunk world where airships and ornithopters rule the sky, bad acting can still kill an otherwise promising novel!!! Continue reading

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