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Ringworld, Larry Niven (Del Rey, 1970)

Ringworld, by Larry Niven is a classic of the Science Fiction genre, but comes off as a bit dated to the modern reader, particularly in its portrayal of women. It is a fascinating idea set in an interesting world and as such is a must read to any Science Fiction aficionado, but is unlikely to appeal to fans of other genres. Continue reading

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City of Illusion, Ursula K. LeGuin (Ace 1967) {Blackstone Audio 2007, Narrator: Stefan Rudniki}

City of Illustion is a Sci-Fi classic, that follows the tale of a fully grown man who wakes up in a forest with no memories at all. He does not even know how to speak. His only clue to his identity arehis cat-like yellow eyes. This is a wonderful tale told brilliantly, and recently re-released as an exceptional audiobook.

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