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Starfist: Force Recon Book II – Point Blank, David Sherman & Dan Cragg (Del Rey, 2006)

The Starfirst: Force Recon II -Point Blank by David Sherman and Dan Cragg is a fun book that is not quite as fascinating as the first volume in the series. Still it’s a good read for MilFic fans. For more go to http://www.sophyanempire.wordpress.com Continue reading

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Backshot: Starfist: Force Recon Book 1, David Sherman and Dan Cragg (Del Rey, 2005)

Set in a contemporary timeframe with the other Starfist books, this story speaks to a good deal more than you’re ordinary milfic book. It has social and political commentary that those who do not know the genre may find quite surprising, and truly expands the Starfist Universe. If you like Military Sci-fi, or are interested in seeing how MilFic can make social and political commentary, I would highly recommend reading this book.
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