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Fire with Fire, Charles E. Gannon (Baen, 2013)

Fire with Fire is the first in what promises to be an exciting new series by Charles E. Gannon. A cross genre book that combines elements of Spy Thriller and Space Opera, the book comes down more on the Sci-Fi side of things, but makes for a good adventure story. Continue reading

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S.M. Stirling Responds to my Review of “Island in the Sea of Time.”

What happens when you give an overly harsh review of a book? The author responds! In this case, S. M. Stirling, the author of the place-out-of-time novel “Island in the Sea of Time” responds to my criticisms and I respond back. The following is the text from the Comment section of the article I wrote a few weeks back that I am posting here to allow Stirling to have equal say (who reads comments on three week old posts) which also meanders through discussions of archaeology. Continue reading

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Island in the Sea of Time: Book 1, S.M. Stirling (Roc, 1998){Tantor Media, 2008; Narrator: Todd McLaren)

Is it unfair for a professional archaeologist who specializes in the Later European Prehistory reviews a book about a 20th Century Town thrown back in time to 1250 BC? Yes, but too bad. It’s not the factual errors in Island in the Sea of Time that bother me, but the convenient ignoring of facts and ramifications that undermined the tale. For a full review: see: https://sophyanempire.wordpress.com/ Continue reading

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1632, Eric Flint (Baen, 2000)

1632 is the very enjoyable first book in the Assiti Shards/1632 series (q.v.), in which a modern town from West Virginia (USA) is transported into the middle of the Thirty Years War. While some of the history is greatly simplified, and there is a tendency to make good-guy bad-guy associations with Protestants (good) vs. Catholics (bad), Flint generally keeps a relatively good historic perspective and creates one of the most innovative and interesting speculative fiction pieces to be published in a long time. Continue reading

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