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1632, Eric Flint (Baen, 2000)

1632 is the very enjoyable first book in the Assiti Shards/1632 series (q.v.), in which a modern town from West Virginia (USA) is transported into the middle of the Thirty Years War. While some of the history is greatly simplified, and there is a tendency to make good-guy bad-guy associations with Protestants (good) vs. Catholics (bad), Flint generally keeps a relatively good historic perspective and creates one of the most innovative and interesting speculative fiction pieces to be published in a long time. Continue reading

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Hunting Party, Elizabeth Moon (Baen Books, 1993)

The first book in the Serrano Legacy Series is a mindless but enjoyable read for anyone who likes Military Science Fiction, and may appeal to others whose tastes don’t normally run in the MilFic direction. It follows the story of Heris Serrano, a commander in the Regular Space Service, who is forced to resign under less than ideal circumstances and take a post as Captain on the private yacht for a member of the aristocracy. soon, however, dangerous elements of the Captain’s past come to haunt her and the wealthy nobles she serves as their hunting expedition takes a deadly new turn.

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