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Xenocide, Orson Scott Card (TOR, 1991{Macmillan Audio (2006), Narrators: Scott Brick, Gabrielle de Cuir, Amanda Karr, John Rubinstein, Stefan Rudnicki})

Xenocide by Orson Scott Card is the disappointing sequel to Speaker for the Dead and third volume of the Ender Wiggins series. While it has some interesting elements, it is mostly long discussions of Card’s personal philosophy and has a plot twist in the middle that forever changes an excellent Science Fiction world into a mediocre Science Fantasy one. For more detail go to Continue reading

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Downward to the Earth, Robert Silverberg (Signet Books, 1971 {Blackstone Audio, 2011 Narrator: Bronson Pinchot})

Downward to the Earth by Robert Silverberg may have been innovative in 1971, but comes across as cliché forty years later. It is a self-described homage to Heart of Darkness, yet contains little that is new and its only twist is not only blatantly obvious from get go and undermines the value of Conrad’s tale. For more go to Continue reading

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Communion of Dreams, James T. Downey (Artifact Imprints, 2012)

Communion of Dreams is the debut novel by James T. Downey. It is a First Contact/Alien Artifact story with a solid plot, and some good character arcs. While the pace is a bit slow, it has one of the very few endings in a book of this nature that I actually enjoyed! For more information see: Continue reading

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