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Andromeda’s Choice, William C. Dietz (ACE, 2013)

Andromeda’s Choice is the exciting Military Science Fiction sequel by William C. Dietz’s set in his Legion of the Damned World. For a full review go to or short link here. Continue reading

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Ender’s Game: The Movie

I know I don’t normally review movies, but as that I have reviewed a large number of the Ender Series books here, I thought I should probably give a quite review of the recently released film. In short, I actually … Continue reading

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It, Stephen King (Signet, 1987)

Happy Halloween! To commemorate one of my favorite holidays, I decided to review It by Stephen King! For the review go to Continue reading

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The Wool Omnibus, Hugh Howey (Broad Reach Publishing, 2012)

The Wool Omnibus by Hugh Howey is one of the great examples of self-publishing done right. Starting with single short story (Wool) that was complete in itself, Howey built a dark and gripping series of stand alone short stories that meld beautifully into a great novel. Buy it now, or go to for a full review! Continue reading

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