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The Draco Tavern, Larry Niven (Tor, 2006 {Blackstone Audio, Narrator: Tom Weiner})

The Draco Tavern, by Larry Niven, is a themed anthology of short stories and vignettes set in or about an inn on the edge of an alien space port built in remote Siberia. The linked but stand alone nature of the stories makes this a great vacation read for Science Fiction Fans. (For more go to: Continue reading

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Against a Dark Background, Iain M. Banks (Orbit, 1993)

Against a Dark Background was Iain M. Banks’ fourth Science Fiction Novel, and his first not set in the Culture universe (though admittedly, it is never stated per se, and there are hints it might be). It is a marvelously interesting read, with strangely dark humor and filled with wonders from Banks’ vivid imagination. Continue reading

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Barking, Tom Holt (Orbit, 2007)

Barking is a comic urban fantasy that kept me laughing throughout. For those of you who have never heard of Tom Holt, he is to Urban Fantasy as Terry Pratchett is to High Fantasy. He is a master of weaving subtle jokes and the absurd into good plots and this book is no exception…. see Continue reading

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