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The Archaeologists’ Guide to Reading the Culture: A Farewell to Iain M. BanksAn Archaeologists’ Guide to Iain M. Banks

Tom mourns the passing of Iain M. Banks by listing the order he suggests reading his books… Continue reading

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Fatherland, Robert Harris (Arrow Books, 1992)

Fatherland by Robert Harris is a conspiracy thriller set in an alternative history Germany of 1964 where the NAZI’s won the war. It has a great premise but holds an obvious mystery and flawed characters at it head. A must read for anyone who likes Alternative histories, but unlikely to appeal to others. Continue reading

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Ephemera, Jeffery M. Anderson (2009)

Ephemera is the debut novel by Jeffery M. Anderson that is highly enjoyable if at times challenging. Engaging, wryly funny, and rife with social commentary, I greatly enjoyed this book, but suggest you come to it with no expectations as to where it will take you, or how it will take you there. Continue reading

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