Guest Post: A Surprising Pick for Best Female Alien (via Smart Girls love SciFi)

My guest blog at the always interesting Smart Girls.

Guest Post: A Surprising Pick for Best Female Alien For the last few days we've been discussing female aliens with guest blogger, Thomas Evans of the The Archaeologist's Guide to the Galaxy. So put this all together and what do you get? Well, basically, to have an appealing character of any sorts, you need someone with both a soft side and a hard side.  You must have a caring nurturing type who can also kick ass, a leader who still needs others.  A woman (in the most general sense at least) whose … Read More

via Smart Girls love SciFi

About Thomas Evans

I'm a writer of mysteries, espionage, and speculative fiction. In my previous incarnation I was an archaeologist specializing in gender and identity in Iron and Bronze Age Europe. Mostly, however, I was known for my works with the use of geomatics, multiscalular spatial analysis and landscape theory within archaeology.
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